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Submit your demo directly to our A&R team. If we think it suits Dellusion Records we will be in touch.

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Before submitting please read the following requirements. If one of these requirements is not met, we can't and won't listen to your demo and will not be considered for release on Dellusion Records.

  • MP3 files only.
  • Maximum filesize: 12MB
  • The track is 100% your own work, or you have explicit written permission to use the track.
  • Your track is not a remix of another copyrighted songs.
  • You legally obtained any samples used in your track.
  • Your track title and artist name does not include slurs that might be unpleasent for others.
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Thank you for your demo. It has been sent to our A&R team. Because we recieve a lot of demo's, we can't reply to every submission. A Dellusion Records representative will definitely be in contact when he/she thinks your demo rocks!
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